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The Tri-City Dolphins are a new, 501c3 non-profit organization with a mission to teach, reach, and inspire youth through sports; focusing on personal and athletic development; equipping them with the tools needed to become successful,  independent members of their communities. We strive to instill self-confidence, leadership, responsibility and discipline in all of our youth, with the hope that they model these qualities as they grow through life. 

The Tri-City Dolphins will serve the area of Pinole and surrounding cities; an area that has been under-represented in youth football and cheer for years. We hope to fill the gap and provide a much needed service to the underserved youth of these communities.

The Board of Directors and coaches for the Tri-City Dolphins are all parents and volunteers hoping to make an impact on not only our own children’s lives, but all children within our reach. We believe in the saying, no child left behind, and we stand by that. We are the people, the community, and the village that it takes to help raise a child.

This is a call for action to assist our organization in obtaining the funding we need to purchase sports equipment, rental fields and facilities, uniforms, registration fees, as well as any costs needed to operate our program such as insurance, coach’s safety training, etc.

We are asking for your support to assist us in serving the youth and communities in which we live and love. Please help us to create an organization that empowers our youth to overcome their current social and economical obstacles and encourages them to see beyond their current circumstances and look forward to brighter futures.

We are accepting donations of any amount, as well as offering sponsorship packages, which I have attached. We are also happy to accept donations of services, products, or gift cards. We appreciate any support you may offer. In-kind donations and sponsorships are tax deductible. Should you have any questions, please contact Christopher Declouet, President, at 214-586-8670, or at

With gratitude,

Tri-City Dolphins Board of Directors

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